Stopping shuffle answer when reviewing

Hi all

I've got a project with a question bank of 39. I've set it to pull 10 random questions from the 39 at each attempt - also set each question to display answers randomly. All good.

I've set up layers with correct answers, triggered by a variable set to a Review button at the end of the assessment (on the results slide). The correct answer layer 'overlays' the slide showing the correct selection with some wording to ensure the learner know's what they need to. The positioning of this layer is based on the base layer slide.

However, when you click Review, althoug all this works nicely, the available answers still randomise - meaning the 'correct answer' layer is not in line with the correct answer!! LOL

Is there a way to make the available answers sit as they are on the base layer on a Review? Is there a variable for 'shuffle' I can use?

Would love to hear if anyone's got a wizz suggestion ;)

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Tom,

Thanks for sharing how you've created your project and the roadblock you are experiencing.

I'm curious if you have your slide properties for the quiz slides set to 'Reset to Initial State'?

If so, I'd recommend changing this to 'Automatically decide' or 'Resume saved state'.

Adjusting Slide Properties

Tom Carter

Hey Leslie

Thanks for your reply. I had all slides set at 'Automatically decide'. My issue was about how to stop randomising how the possible answer options are displayed - but only on a review. It seems that with this option ticked in Question Tools, it means that every time the slide is displayed, the answers are randomly displayed - which is what I want during the knowledge check, but not on review.

I wanted to create a situation where they could check where they went wrong after submission by comparing against the correct answer. I've achieved that now by setting variables based on the Review button. These allow a layer to be displayed for each question with the correct answer. They can then 'toggle' between their answer and the 'correct layer'.

It works well enough, but do you know how I could also display on the Base Layer an object that says 'You go this one wrong' (or similar). I'm sure I could use the score for each question slide as another variable (every q slide is set at 1 or 0 for points). I just cant identify the data that relates to question slide scores.

Thanks again ;)

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks, Tom.

I created a sample course (attached) and the answers do not shuffle when reviewing the quiz, so I'm not clear on why you are seeing this behavior if you have the slide properties set to Automatically Decide.

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

Erin Flage

Are you using a Result slide and the built-in Quiz Review functionality? I use question pools and shuffling answers and I've never experienced what you're describing.

Storyline will automatically show the correct answer(s) during the Review if this option is selected.  No need to build a custom layer.