Store drag and drop activity time

Jan 10, 2019



I'm developing drag and drop activity in Articulate Storyline. In that activity, I want to set a time of 10 minutes to attempt the activity. If a user attempts the activity in less than 10 minutes, it should display the completion time in the result slide. 

Please share any suggestion on above. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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Gai Tuz

Hi Prjct,

I think this would require capturing the elapsed time which you can store somewhere in your LMS. Also this would require writing in JavaScript so you can pass that time value to your results slide.

But I would like to share this very informative thread where Matthew Bibby shares a demo and the source code you can work on. It can keep track of the time spent on the slide and total that out at the end. Hope this helps.

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