Storing and Retrieving Variables Between Modules

I'm setting up my Storyline course in separate modules and only want to ask for the name and role of the student once in the 1st module.  I need to store and retrieve these 2 variables in later modules.  I've searched through the forums and found complicated solutions like using flash files, javascript but I'm not skilled in these areas.

Given that saving and retrieving variables is a fairly basic requirement, and  has been asked for a number of times over the years, isn't there a simple solution available for non techie people like me?

I have a deadline of 6th Jan to get my courseware completed.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Phil Mayor

There is no simple solution, you need to pass information between unconnected web objects which will need to save information to a text file or a database and then retrieve that information.  If you are using an LMS you will be able to retrieve that using javascript.

Saving and retrieving variables within modules is simple, but not across different modules.

Stephen Lee-Burman

Thanks for your reply Phil,

So has Articulate or anyone else put together a process with instructions that is easy to implement to get this done?  Or does everyone have to struggle with this themselves or throw their hands in the air and simply give up ? 

Surely there are solutions that work, and I would have thought that Articulate staff would want to make it easy for their customers to get beyond this limitation and provide a solution.  It just so happens that my training is all about customer service which is ironical isn't it.

As mentioned, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stephen,

It looks like Phil has you covered, and as he mentioned we don't support creating Javascript code, or reporting variables or quiz results to a database. There are a number of community examples that it founds like you've found previously. If there is anything else we can do to assist, please let us know.