Storline 1 - Gif and Video links.


I need some urgent help regarding GIF images and embedded video links in one of my module designed on Storyline 1.

I have a GIF image as a background on my slides and have buttons with triggers to play a video when clicked upon. When I preview the unit/module, the GIF images show up the way it should. The button with the link to play a video behaves well. It tells me that it can't take me to the website because we haven't published the module. 

Upon publishing the GIF image does not show up and the button does nothing when the module/unit is accessed on Internet Explorer. The Story file in the output folder does not work. The HTML5 file works but the GIF does not show up. When I open the unit in Chrome the video link works but the GIF image does not show. 

Which output option should I choose? Which web browser should I use? Which file in the output folder should be used? Please help.






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Christie Pollick

Hi, Manoj -- Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of your troubles!

Have you had a chance to take a look at this sheet containing the specifications for Viewing Content for Storyline 1 to ensure you are using supported browsers?

You may also want to go ahead and review this material on Publishing and Sharing Your SL1 Content, and if issues persist, you are welcome to share your file so we can do some testing for you on our end, as well.