Storline 2 to 3 conversion - formatting and clean up needed?


We have a bunch of modules in Storyline 2 and are upgrading to 3 soon.

I'm wondering what we will need to spend time on after the conversion?  Will the formatting change?  Text?  Font?  We have 9 languages to convert as well including English, French, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Thai, Khmer, Vietnamese and more....

We are trying to estimate resources that will be needed to fix these after they are converted.  Can anyone please let me know what clean up will be needed?  What you experienced?


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Phil Mayor

Upgrading should be quite painless, you may want to use modern fonts after upgrading which may move the text around a littles, I would always run a QA after upgrade. The only odd thing I have ever seen is some screen recordings with custom feedback stopped working correctly but this appears to have been fixed in an update.