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Hi all,

A colleague has created a project which includes instructional slides as well as screen recordings. For the instructional slides we do not wish the player to be present, but for the screen recoding slides we do.

Is it possible to have multiple player types (colour themes) for different scenes within the same project?



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Harri C

Hi Pete,

Player colours have to be the same throughout the project but player functionality can change (somewhat) for example you can click on the properties of a slide in story view and choose to remove the seekbar for that one slide.

An alternative would be to create your own custom player from scratch and use multiple colours but that would take a fair bit of work.

Is there any particular reason you need different coloured players? Could you get around it with onscreen different coloured bands/titles for example?

Hope this helps


Pete Langdown

Hi Harri

Thanks for your response.. it has confirmed my suspicious.

To be honest it is personal preference combined with some of Storyline's software simulation limitations.

Essentially i need some of the slides to have no player at all (as all of the other modules in our training do not) but then require the player to be present for the software simulations as Storyline cannot cope with the functionality I require (completely separate issue!)



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Pete,

As Harri mentioned, you could remove the elements within the individual slide properties such as the tabs for menu, resources, etc. and buttons like next, previous, submit - but there isn't a way to have two totally separate players. You may want to investigate what can be done with the Storyline SDK to see if that helps you get what you'd like.  We're putting the finishing touches on the software development kit (SDK) for Articulate Storyline 2. It'll support custom player frames. So stay tuned!