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Harri C

Storyline does try to respond to the size change by automatically altering the aspect ratio of the objects already in the project. So it may have adjusted your image in order to maintain the boarders at the top and bottom as that is how it was originally.

Out of interest, is there any reason you cannot manually alter the image to remove the space.

Or alternatively, could you upload the file and I'll take a look.

Bruce Holliday


Looks like you did the screen capture in 4:3 format. Id like to help by getting at the bg image but its locked, not from the slide master either so I cant get at it. 

I can only suggest as an alternative that you screen capture the SL that you have built making sure this time to do 16:9 format then use that to rebuild the SL presentation ??

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marielle, 

When you insert a screen recording as step by step - it becomes a part of the background of the slide, and there isn't a way to adjust the overall size as the images are not typical images but a part of the background. If you recorded it as 16:9 you will want to use the same story size as your recording to allow it to fill up the entire slide.