Story size for use in iPad

What are the dimensions of a story (story size) for use in an iPad? Our course will not have a side menu (the menu will be drop down from the topbar), and will contain a seekbar for audio at the bottom. The course will be viewed using Safari.

We currently use 980x642 for Lectora projects that nicely fills the Safari window. However, we need to account for the topbar menu, etc., the seekbar at the bottom, and any interface borders that Storyline might add..

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jim!

When you're designing a Storyline course that'll be viewed on an iPad, you'll want to use a 4:3 aspect ratio in order to make the best use of all the screen area. The default story size of 720 x 540 is your best option. However, as long as you maintain a 4:3 aspect ratio, you can change your story size to 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768, etc. If you use a different aspect ratio, Storyline will maximize (scale) your content to fit within the iPad screen to prevent scrolling and provide the best experience possible.

For reference, this information can be found in this knowledge base article.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Jim!

I found a suggestion from Steve Flowers in this thread that might help you determine the right size. 

He states:

"The other consideration is the appearance of the side menu. I've managed to squeeze a few extra pixels at 4:3 for good iPad fit while still fitting the side menu into a 1024x768 display on the desktop. This setting is 756 x 567. I don't use the side menu, but if I did I'd go with 756x567."

Another suggestion from Steve can be found in this thread:

"I've been aiming many of my recent outputs at 960 x 720 (960x540 is 16:9) without a side menu. 960x720 fits perfectly on the iPad. 960x640 (splitting the difference) letterboxes a little bit."

Looks like 756 x 567 and 960 x 720 (closer to your original setting) might be the best for presentations without side menus.

Let me know what you think!

Jim Heiliger

Thanks, Christine. You got me started on the right path with the above information. At least it's working OK for me.

960 x 544 Story Size appears to work when there is no left panel. I have items just in the top bar and bottom bar of the Storyline browser. Fits snugly when viewed on an iPad; no scrolling, no extra space in height or width directions.

Leslie Shapiro

Hi everyone,

The above conversation has me very confused. I am unable to get my project size to display differently on publish, no matter what size I try. If the story size is close to 4:3 ratio (say, 960x540, 1024x705, etc.) it defaults to a 4:3 ratio and looks just like it did at the default 720x540, with the exception that my content is squished toward the center. In other words, all it does is change how my content area is used, not how the iPad screen is utilized.   I can get a 16:9 ratio, but the client doesn't want that. They want something in between.

I am publishing straight for web and viewing on Safari/iPad at the moment. Test files look the same in the custom iPad app we are working with, though.

My question is, is this an iPad thing, or a Storyline thing?

Leslie Shapiro

Well, I discovered one useful tidbit through experimentation that solves my problem, so maybe it will help others:

You CAN get the screen to stretch as long as you hold the 720 constant and modify the width downward from the 540 default. Especially useful if you've already created your content and don't want to have to redo each and every screen. Though it will get cropped a bit on top and bottom. 720x490 is pretty good.