Story Size that Scales the viewing screen

I am a fan of Articulate Storyline!  However, I really love the way that Captivate's size can scale the size of the Monitor screen.   It is "up close" and impressive. 

I often get feedback from my customers asking why so much real estate is wasted?  They want to see the story size fill up their monitor. 

I have used both the traditional 4:3 ratio and the 16:9 for wide viewing --- yet, it is still does not fill up the computer screen --- wish there was a way.   

Thanks for your feedback.  Terra

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Char Larkin

Thank you for reminding me of these settings. If I set it to "fill window" in both settings (Size and Browser), It does expand larger, but the width is still short a few inches in either side. I think this is due to the monitor being a wide screen.

While I continue to think of Articulate products as my preferred, I would love to someday see the Published courses fill the wide screens - just as Captivate does so nicely.

Thank you again!


Norm Cousineau

Hi Terra, to fill the screen would mean to stretch the presentation, which would skew the content (not desirable). No setting will change the aspect ratio. It would be a "perfect fit" if the presentation were same aspect ratio of monitor, and the "fill window" settings were used. (I think so...haven't actually tested!)

Char Larkin


I did change my Browser and Size to fill the screen etc - I also changed my background color so that it gives the allusion of it taking up most of the screen on either side. I think it looks much better. My only concern is potential problems with learners that work from a variety of PCs - I am concerned that these settings could pose problems - but maybe not.

Thanks for your feedback - Terra