Story size unintended effects in player

I'd like your advice please on some problems I'm having with story size. I'm trying to get a screen width as near as I can to 1024.   I set it for 1024 originally but that produced a horizontal scroll. I reduced it to 900 but I get large grey margins at the side. (attachment width 1 story.jpg).  I played around with it and found I could get it without the grey margins and thought everything was fine, until I realised today that at some point yesterday I'd saved it as a template not a story and published it as that. Daft, I know but when you're stressed ...  But the version published from the template doesn't have the grey margins (attachment width2 template).  Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong? Happy to provide any info you need about the story or the player.

(Storyline 1, by the way)

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Norman

I have seen the grey margins before where if you one or more of your slides have the slide property for a sidebar selected when you don't really want that.

You can open the story file in Story View and look at the slide properties tab in the bottom right hand corner to see if something is checked in the player that shouldn't be...see screenshot.  Hope that makes sense, otherwise you could load up the story file and someone could take a look

Norman Lamont


There's definitely nothing in the slide properties on any of the slides.
Player features are set to Player Default.

In the Player settings, nothing is ticked except Resources.

In the Player's Browser Settings, Browser size is 'Resize browser to
optimal size' and Player Size is 'Lock player at optimal size'

It's hard to understand how I got the 'good' version. I THINK what I did
- Save As as a new name but inadvertently chose template rather than story
- while it was still open, published it
- the published version didn't have the grey bars

I only discovered the mistake when I went back today and couldn't find my
files. Of course I was looking for story files, not templates.