Story View Jumping

Dec 20, 2019

Does anyone else experience the behavior that their Story View usually jumps back to the top when an open scene is closed? Is there a way to fix this so that if I move Story View around, it stays how I left it, no matter what I do with scenes that are open?

I have a rather long sequence of scenes, so the Story View can scroll quite far down.

Let's say I scroll to the bottom and open the last three scenes in my project. Each of those opens as a new tab. If I go into one of the scenes, and then click back to Story View, it remains visually at the bottom of the project where I left it. If I close any scene, the Story View jumps back to the top of the project.

This is very annoying. If I am looking for something, and do not know precisely what scene it is in, if I do not want to change how I am seeing the Story View, I can't close any of the scenes I have opened, or I will have to scroll all the way down again.

It is a small thing, and if there is no setting for it I will make an enhancement request. Does this bother anyone else?


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