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Sep 19, 2012

I am doing a assessment test at the end of a module.  All the questions are multiple choice simple, no response just jump to the next question when you hit submit.  My question is this.  for some reason in the story view, after slide 5 it does not keep going down (the story view window).  There is no arrow under it the slides just keep going horizontal across the top.  It is weird because all the slides look a like as far as end of slide jump.  Any thoughts as to why this is doing it?  Even though it functions properly, it is just a pain to view and try to jump between editing slides.  Thanks.

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Erin Sadler

Flipping heck this is an old one! Mary, further to that - if your first slide has no means of progression to the 'next' slide (i.e. no trigger telling it that IS the next slide), the next slide will not sit beneath it - it will jump up to the side, to indicate that it is no longer in the flow. Same as how scenes are displayed in Story view - if there is no link between them, they sit side by side. If one links to the other after it is complete, they will sit vertically. It sort of helps with branching (though it can be a real pain to see what's going on sometimes if you don't have straightforward linear navigation!).

Check the last slide in the left column has a trigger - the 'next' button by default has a 'jump to next slide on click', or you might want to tell it to do that when the timeline ends, or when you click something else if you've disabled the next button.

Currently it just doesn't know that you want it to go to the slide in the right column next - you need to tell it :)

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