Story View Scene 1-Slides

Jan 08, 2021


Is there any reason why my slides aren't lining up hierarchically in the Story View for my first scene? (see picture attached). They are two text slides, four graded questions and then a Results slide. I prefer to view things vertically. I'm just not sure why it looks this way. Any thoughts?



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Walt Hamilton

Remember, Story View has no connection to how your story works, nor to how you like it. Its only purposes are to make it easy for you to work on different slides by clicking on their thumbnails, and to attempt to give a graphic representation of how the flow works. It attempts to place each slide directly below the one that has a trigger to jump to it. If , for example, slideA has a trigger that jumps to SlideB and another one that jumps to slideC (depending on which button a learner clicks), then B and C will be placed side by side under A.

In your case, the two pre-test slides are not connected to the rest of the story; that is, no exiting slide has a trigger to cause a jump to either of them.  Adding triggers is the only way to change the position of the slides in Story View.

Results slides are frequently not shown to learners, and if not, never make it into the "line of procession".