story_content / data.xml erro on launch....


Someone else posted the same problem, but no responses.

Situation: rather large Storyline file.  Published to include HTML5, but not for use with Articulate Mobile Player.  Publishes fine.  Will run fine on IE8. 

However, from the iPad the error mesage:  story_content/data.xml error appears.  Upon closing the alert box, the spinner spins forever, and the module never loads. 

I did notice that in the published content the "index_lms_html5.htm" file makes a reference call that says " <script src="mobile/data.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

However, when I look in the MOBILE subfolder there is no  DATA.JS file.  In other published content for other Storyline modules that file exists. 

I have also tried opening other Storyline files and go through the same publish process and the DATA.JS file exists and the content runs fine on the iPad. 

Thoughts?  TECHNICAL SUPPORT staff, please feel free to chime in here.     

Thank you.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Steve!

Wondering if you had any luck inserting the project into a new .story file, per our conversation yesterday.

Otherwise - I know you mentioned you'd rather not - we'd be happy to have you send us the .story file you're having the trouble with and try to figure out what's going on. Getting the file and working with it hands-on is really the only way we'd be able to diagnose exactly what's happening. 

Let us know...


Greg Cannon

Hi Peter, yes I did it's: 00307716

I upload the .story file but can also send the published zip file if needed.



PS - this is a weird one as it was working fine a few days back but not any more...something appears to have changed since I published it to LMS format and not just web as I had been doing.

Greg Cannon

Thought I'd post an update on this...

After removing and then re-installing Storyline I still get the same error message whenever I try to launch the published course in the Player on the iPad. The data.xml file just doesn't appear in any of the published outputs and it appears to be this file that the Articulate iPad Player needs in order to run the course.

The mystery continues!