Storyboarding separately or right in Storyline?

Hello, I am interested to hear what others have to say about using a separate storyboard as opposed to creating the storyboard right in Storyline. I have heard both ways of doing it, but many people I have spoken to seem to be leaning towards creating it right in Storyline. How do you do this? Thanks!

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Babette Novak

Hi Joyce,

I create storyboards right in Storyline, and output to Word. It works great, plus it allows me to do some developing as I design.  If you do this and send the Word docs out for review, I would add page numbers first (in Word). Storyline doesn't add them for you, and it makes it easier for people to refer to during any SB reviews you have with a team.


Stephanie Brown

I see this is an old thread but I thought I'd chime in. 


I have done both, storyboarding separate and then right in storyline. In an ideal world I would have enough time to storyboard first, send for SME review, and then build in storyline. However, with the projects I've been on it's sadly a time crunch so I storyboard right in storyline. The tricky thing with that is sometimes things get totally scrapped and it's such a pain!