Storyline 360: Multiple Correct Hotspots on a Single Test Mode Slide (Screencast)??

I have recorded a screencast that I will use in Test Mode. Therefore, each of the clicks is presented on a separate slide. On the screencast slide, there are TWO visible Save buttons. Users could select either of the two; however, only one is considered correct and included in the results. How do I add another CORRECT hotspot to the slide AND have it be included as a correct answer on the Results slide if selected? 

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Jerry Beaucaire

A clickable object like a hotspot can do anything, so it's trivial to have two hotspots that both do the same one thing to some other thing.

So, make the CORRECT answer something offstage, like a PICKONE object called "right", and set that as the only correct option in the FORM VIEW.

Now make both of the onscreen SAVE buttons into hotspots that when clicked, change the state of the "right" object to SELECTED.

This way, whichever is clicked will update the same object, and if that object is selected when the slide is submitted, the answer is considered correct.

Does this help?

Jerry Beaucaire

No, offstage means something not on the visible part of the slide, something dragged off the slide to the left or right, so only you the author can ever see it.  You can have hidden objects offstage and utilize their states the same as you can for onstage items the user's can see, it's a favorite trick here on the forum for creating custom slide types that don't otherwise exist.

In a nutshell, a simple PICK ONE interaction with the only correct object offstage let's you do anything you want visually onstage.  You control the activity the same as any slide that's not a quiz question, yeah?   So as the user interacts with your onstage objects, you are deciding when the things they do results in a correct action.  Anytime that happens, your triggers can be used to secretly set your offstage object to "selected" which is the only way the "quiz" is correct on that slide.

Remember, you could also add a second offstage object "bad" and set that object to "selected" as soon as the timeline starts, so the slide already has a "wrong" choice made, this way if the user never manages to do the onstage action correctly and submits the question, they can actually get it wrong!

Once you get the whole offstage thing clear in your mind, it opens up limitless possibilities for you to create virtually any kind of custom interaction.

Cherhonda Mason-Ayers

Thanks Jerry! As you can see I am working to learn to use this tool. As soon as I figure out how to add an image offstage and hide that image, I think I can manage the triggers part. . .baby steps. When I read the description of screencast, I thought it would be a breeze to record these processes and have Storyline manage the clicks. Oh boy!!

Thanks again for your help!!