Storyline 2 projects in Moodle not working in Edge browser

Mar 03, 2016

As in title. None of my Storyline projects in Moodle work in Edge browser...I can't even get past the first prompt which asks whether I want to restart or continue from where I last left off. The buttons don't work.

It does not see to matter whether I turn Flash on or off in the browser settings.

Any thoughts?


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Chris Pim

Moodle 2.6 I think.

Also having different problems with IE on Windows 10...can't get the projects to load.

However I got on with an older version of IE on Windows 8.1

Also some stuff does not seem to display properly in Edge as far as I can see when tried locally on my machine after publishing but before uploading to an LMS.


Chris Pim

Well the issue with starting anew or continuing is a function of an LMS that tracks can't test outside of an LMS. Its all working in LMS on Chrome and Firefox though. This could be a MOodle problem which I will chase with techies and report back.

BUT The issues with Edge are also ongoing with my conversation with Jonathan Reque and my previous query about icons disappearning etc...Some of this is to do with the way the project has been created and does not only affect that browser. See link below for that thread.

But as I was testing that project I noticed some other issues with Edge and then went onto my finished projects on Moodle and found this additional issue.

Sorry its complicated, various different stuff going on and has been occupying my attention for a week now.




Dan Marsden

The specific Moodle version can be important (2.6.1, 2.6.4 etc)  I'm not aware of any issues with Moodle 2.6.x/SCORM/Edge ..but ... support for general bug fixes in the 2.6 branch ended in November 2014 (1 year before MS Edge/Win 10 was released) - you should probably push your tech team to upgrade to a more recent stable supported release (if you are actually running 2.6)

You can also test your SCORM packages in a newer version of Moodle using the free Moodle cloud available at

Chris Pim

Well yes and no.
I still can't completely replicate Johnathan's workaround...I still find the cursor does not change to a hand pointer on entry to the icons in HTML5. His workaround about when to attach the trigger does not work for me.
However I was able to go into his sample versions, copy the icons and 'change picture' to make each icon work the way I wanted.
So yes I do have a complete fully functioning version. But I am still a little frustrated I couldn't replicate what he did and have it working properly.
Anyway feel free to let Johnathan know and to close the call.
Thanks for everyone's help on this!

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