Storyline 1 & 2: slide / timeline limits for objects?

Question: I expect to be putting dozens of objects on multiple slides in a project. How many slide objects are technically possible and/or practically feasible in Storyline 2 (and Storyline 1, while I'm thinking about it)?

Background: I'm adapting Steve Flowers' wonderful approach to creating closed captions for a new multi-module project and I'm wondering how far I can push it.

Each module is built around a source video supplied by the client. Most are about 30 minutes long, but one runs close to an hour. I'm finding appropriate points to break up each video into smaller videos, but they still run about 5 minutes each. That's a lot of captions to generate for each 5 minute video. (I may be able to break up each source video into smaller videos of 1-2 minutes, each tiny video on one slide. But while this makes my job easier, it creates some tradeoffs for the student.)

Given that I'm using Steve's approach of creating several off-stage objects, then triggering a change in a variable value as each object starts on the timeline, I expect to have a few dozen objects per slide if I'm using 5 minute videos. Grouping the objects makes them more manageable on the timeline, but I'm wondering what hard constraints I may run up against.


1) Is there an absolute limit to the number of objects I can create per slide?

2) In your experience, should I expect performance lags at some value below the hard limit? if so, when does this occur for you?


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Ashley Terwilliger

HI Mary,

I haven't seen a limit - and as another example here in a periodic table created in SL1 that one of our other Super Heroes., Phil Mayor, created a bit ago. 

Performance lags while creating and editing the file - will depend on your system and the memory allocated. 

Performance lags while viewing the published content within the intended environment are going to depend on the internet, broadband speed, the hosting platform, etc. but checking out the two shared - I didn't see any delay issues on my end.