Storyline 1 - Audio Editor will not launch anymore

Jan 07, 2015

Have been happily using Storyline for some time now, and all of the sudden, the Audio Editor will not launch, so I can do no audio editing inside Storyline.  I am running Storyline 1 (latest version), and have repaired, uninstalled/reinstalled, double-checked the .Net services, and uninstalled/reinstalled Flash.  I do not know what else to do.  Any help would be very much appreciated!!   And this is not file specific, because at this point I am testing everything with random audio clips. And there is no network involved, it is all local.  

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi CL,

I'm sorry to hear about the odd behavior with the audio - you mentioned repairing, and I just wanted to confirm you went through the repair steps here? You'll also want to review the article here if you're unable to record audio, or in case that's interfering with the audio editor. 

Please let us know if you've gone through those steps and if so what happens when you click on the audio editor (ie. Storyline crashes, nothing happens, it opens but it doesn't work, etc.). 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard


I checked in on your case and see that you are working with Miker who shared the following: 

There is likely conflict between Storyline and a software or computer setting in your user account that may be causing this issue. I would recommend testing this out on a new user account. To do this, I will need you to first uninstall Storyline from your user account: 

1. Go to Start -> Control Panel 
2. Double-click Programs and Features, and uninstall Articulate Storyline. 

Next, create a new user account on your Windows machine (Windows 7:; Windows 8: Log into the new user account once it is created. Then install Storyline following the steps listed below: 

1. Download the zip version of the Storyline installer here: 

2. Extract the zip file, then right-click the installer and select "Run as Administrator". 
3. Restart your computer. 

Verify if you'll encounter the same issue on this new user account. 

Please let Miker and I know if you're able to go through those steps and how it behaves after that. 

CL Smith

I won't be able to test that theory out until this later this afternoon - locked down computer/network means Sys Support has to do it for me.  I'm highly skeptical, but willing to try.  Thanks - I'll report back this afternoon!  FYI - I did just notice that they sent me a link to the SL2 download page, and I'm running SL1.  They may wish to keep an eye on that, that would make my life miserable if my stuff ended up in SL2, since I don't actually own that version...

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