Storyline 1 conversion to Storyline 2 - issue with slide transition

I have an old S1 file which I have updated to Storyline 2.   The conversion seemed to work okay (only had to edit a few slides where the graphics were moved), but when I publish it, the slide transition is not working correctly.

In the old S1 version as long as a user fulfilled all conditions (eg visited all layers etc), then the slide would transition as required.  In the updated S2 version the user has to go through each piece of audio in sequence for it to transition.  If they jump to a layer before the audio completes it jams, and will not move to the next slide.   There are nearly 40 slides in this file, all with audio.    

Any idea what I can do to fix this issue.  


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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Hey Cath, hard to say how to fix it without seeing it, but if it's just a transition issue between slides you may just be able to quickly delete the old transitions and easily apply new ones between the slides. It's pretty easy to do unless they are some kind of custom transitions. Can you share the file so I can possibly better help identify the problem?

Cath P

Hi Daniel

Thanks for the quick reply.   I have just tried another one and it is doing the same thing.  It is like it has to review every piece of information, including any former slides (such as optional navigation slide), in order for it to move to the next slide.  Probably used wrong word (ie. there are no custom transitions).  It will not 'jump' to the next slide unless all audio and previous slides / layers have been reviewed.  We do not have the seekbar enabled on the player.   I have tried publishing this for web and LMS and getting same result.   Will need to check with owner of content as it is proprietary content to see if they are happy for me to share it.   

Cath P

Hi Daniel

I have changed the navigation option to Free and this resolves it.   Unfortunately I cannot get into my current version of Storyline 1.  Every time I try to open the program it says I need a copy of Flash Player 10 or higher even though I have version 26 of player on my computer.   I am sure navigation was set at Restricted in S1/previous version, but cannot check.  

Should restricted navigation also restrict the jump to next slide if the audio in the slide has not fully completed (there is no condition set for audio in the slides).  My understanding is that restricted navigation stops the user from jumping ahead. 

Thanks Cath