Storyline (1) "Freezing" Issue

Dec 19, 2014

Got a very frustrating problem here.

Storyline keeps freezing on me when I'm working on a certain template. It appears to be a "low memory" issue...but I think it's really a "Storyline" issue.


I have a certain slide with many layers to it...approximately 51. Before I "preview" this slide, my entire SL project (according to the Task Manager) is about 900mb in size. But after I preview this one slide...the SL size "Triples"...and then freezes.

My computer has 16GB of RAM, with only about 1/3 being used. So it seems that the freezing is directly related to my previewing this large slide. This problem has brought all of my work to a standstill.

Any solutions for this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

All the best,


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