Storyline 1: HTML5 output, Scroll panel gets disabled

Hi All,

I am facing an issue in Storyline 1 and the issue is Scroll Panel is disabled once I open a layer.

There are many buttons added to the Scroll panel and content is revealed using layers when these buttons are clicked. The issue is specifically in the HTML5 output. As soon as a layer is opened the Scroll Panel is disabled and if we hide the layer the Scroll Panel is enabled again and works fine.

I am adding a sample file in which I can replicate the issue.

Has anyone faced this issue before?

Please can anyone help me out?


Kind Regards

Ajay Khatri

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Ajay -- Thanks so much for reaching out here! I am finding the same behavior you have reported when I test your course in HTML5 via, and I was also able to reproduce the same in a test file. I will go ahead and report this behavior to our QA team for additional investigation, and while I do not have a workaround to provide or a timeframe to share in which this may be addressed, your discussion here will be linked to the ticket and any additional updates received will be shared here at that time. 

Ajay Khatri

Hi All,

I created a work around solution for this issue which enables the scroll in HTML 5 also. I am uploading a sample file here as attachment so if anyone is stuck like I was, can use this sample.

Most importantly this is my first post providing a solution for any issue, until now I was only raising questions lol........ seems I am learning a lot now..........


Kind regards

Ajay Khatri