Storyline 1 SCORMs republished using Storyline360 are launching blank

Hi there,

I have a number of Storyline 1 SCORM and .story files that I am re-publishing using Storyline 360.

I convert the Storyline 1 .story file to 360 and then publish the new updated SCORM. When I upload it to our LMS the SCORM window launches but I only see a blank screen. When I upload to SCORM Cloud the SCORM launches correctly the first time I launch it but then launches blank every time after that. When I publish to Articulate Review the SCORM launches correctly each time.

.STORY Name - "BIDA_topic3_V2.story" (attached)

SCORM Name - "" (attached)

SCORM Cloud - SCORM launches correctly on first launch. SCORM is blank on subsequent launches - 

Articulate Review - SCORM launches correctly everytime -

Moodle - SCORM launches blank.

Any suggestions what I can do on my end to re-publish this content so it displays correctly. Currently, I have no way of exporting this material out of Storyline360. I get this blank window regardless of how many different ways / times I try to publish. This is happening for a new number of different files.

Thanks for any assistance anyone might be able to provide,


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Jo Lamontagne

I've been having VERY similar issues, whilst publishing to SCORM 2004 4th Edition in HTML5 only.  I think I may have traced the issue...the 'output.min.css' cascading style sheet document is being published at235kb when it should be circa 6200kb.


I tried to replace this document with an older published version (from yesterday), but when the content loads, all the formatting is way off.


Any suggestions why this is happening? xxx

Ian O'Leary

Thanks so much Jo, really appreciate it. It's very frustrating when the whole course is ready to go live to my students but just have one little issue stopping anything from loading! Do you think it would be worth my while messing around with different values in output.min.css to see if it fixes the issue?



Jo Lamontagne

Hi Ian


If it does, let me know.  I tried replacing the problematic output.min.css with the one published the day before.  Although I'd only made amendments to a couple of areas of text, the replacement somehow affected the font and format of the latest version.


Please let me know if you find a work around...I definitely feel your frustration.  I've learnt that I need to keep different versions and not make amendments to the primary content.  Had I done that, I could at least let my UAT take place - where these amendments would not have impacted the test :( xxx

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ian,

I'm so sorry for this odd behavior. Do you have the original SL1 file (You'd see that after upgrading it a copy was made labeled - SL1 Backup.story)? Can you share that one with me, as I'd like to test upgrading it myself and see if the same behavior occurs?

The issue Jo may be referring to was the content appearing blank upon upgrading but that was seen inside Storyline, not in the published output. That issue was fixed in Update 11 of Storyline 360. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ian,

Thanks for sending this. I went through and first upgraded it to Storyline 2 and then upgraded to Storyline 360. You can view the version I uploaded to SCORM Cloud here, and I attached an updated version of your Storyline 360 file and my zipped publish output. That version seemed to work, so it does appear to be an issue with going directly from Storyline 1 to Storyline 360.

You can still access Storyline 2 through a trial if you need to do the same steps for other courses. Just download it here, and then open each SL1 file into SL2, save and close before opening the new version in SL360.  

I'll also share this example with our team as I know they were looking into a few other SL1 upgrade issues.

Ian O'Leary

Hi Ashley,


That's done the trick on my end aswell, thanks a million for the help on this.

I've got a number of courses like this so the S1-S2-S360 trick is good to know.

What is my best course of action in 30 days time when the S2 trial runs out as I know I'll continue to receive S1 story files for updating throughout the year.




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ian,

I know our team is looking into a few similar issues with upgrading SL1 files to SL360, so that we can include a fix in Storyline 360. If we don't have that figured out prior to your trial of Storyline 2 ending, you can reach out to our Support Engineers here and they'll help you out! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Ian, and I saw you were talking with Susan about the Storyline 2 purchase as well. It looks like our team fixed the majority of these upgrade issues in the last update. Have you tested another Storyline 1 file in the last few days? Let me know how that works, and if needed I can start a new issue on this for you. 

I wouldn't want you to purchase Storyline 2 just to upgrade these files, I'd rather make sure we fix all the issues for you! 

Ian O' Leary

Hi Ashley, thanks for the response.

I've already purchased Storyline 2 from Articulate Support, they sent me a serial number earlier today.

The file I was having issues with seems to upgrade from S1 directly to S360 now.

We were having some sporadic text issues as well which is a little more difficult to test for.

I'm still a little concerned that another issue could arise down the road so would probably be no harm to have S2 as a rapid solution to these problems.

Thanks a million for all the help!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Absolutely Ian, and we're here if you need more help.

I'm glad the latest update of SL360 resolved some of the upgraded issues you ran into and I hope that continues going forward.

As for the text issues, I've seen a few examples where checking the settings associated with modern text made a difference. So something to look into or keep an eye on if you see odd text display. Here are the directions for working with modern text.