Storyline 1 Slide Help!

Jun 04, 2015

Hi everyone,

I've created a 15 point slider using some great tips from other tutorials. I've created sliders with less points before, and have worked well.

The current slider works ok until you release the mouse at the final point- clicking to slide backwards again has a few issues. It might be related to the slider bar being larger than the target area.

I've attached the story file- if anyone can offer some advice I'd be greatly appreciative! Thanks

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Matthew - Thank you for providing your file, and I was able to see the behavior you are experiencing when I previewed the publish. You can easily slide left-to-right through the numbers, but not right-to-left back through. As this is a custom made slider, I am going to defer to the community here for some suggestions and input. 

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