Storyline 1 to Storyline 360 Conversion Issue

Jul 10, 2017

I have a course, which is about 40 slides long that I converted from Storyline 1 to Storyline 360. I have an in course menu navigation with buttons that the course seems to get stuck on every time after conversion, there was no issue before conversion.  The course just spins and I can't make a menu selection to proceed. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amanda,

Sorry to hear about the issues you've run into upgrading your course! I'd like to help if you can answer a few more questions:

  • Do you see this behavior when previewing, publishing or both? 
  • If you've published the course where are you hosting it? What browser(s) are you viewing it in? 
  • Are you seeing this in all the courses you've upgraded to Articulate 360? 
  • Are the navigation buttons on the player or custom ones you've built? 

Can you share an example  Storyline 1 file with us? That way we can look at upgrading it as well to test out the behavior.

Amanda Deardorff

Thanks for the reply Ashley!

This behavior is in both previewing and publishing. 

I have hosted this in our LMS (SilkRoad), Articulate Rise and on an internal server. I have viewed it in IE8,10, Firefox and Chrome.  All produce the same results.

This is the only course I have upgraded. We just recently made the purchase of 360.

The navigation issues are on a menu that I have built. 

*I just created a sample menu course and when I removed 90% of my slides for my sample, the menu worked fine.  The course has videos, branching, quizzing and interactions in it. I have attached the whole course.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amanda,

What a great course! I love how the characters blink. It's the little things. 🙂

I'm seeing the same that you described where slide 1.5 is the first one that I get stuck on while previewing. I didn't see your custom menu though? Just that using the next button to advance to that slide presents me with the spinning circle. Wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something! 

I'd like to take a look at your SL1 back up file too, do you still have it? You'd find that it was automatically created when you upgraded the course and then has the wording "-SL1 Backup copy.story" in the file name. 

If you can share that with me, I'm going to also upgrade into Storyline 2 and see at what point the odd behavior starts! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amanda,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! I wanted to test this out a few different ways. 

I saw the same behavior upgrading the file from SL2 to SL360 (the upgrade from SL1 to SL2 went smoothly) where around slide 1.5 it gets stuck. It doesn't get stuck anywhere else in the file thought (when enabling the player menu so that I could jump around). I don't see anything else in the file that could be causing this, and I had looked at rebuilding slide 1.5 and didn't see a change either.

I'm going to start a Support case for you so that I can get some other eyes on this. They'll be in touch as soon as they can. 

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