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I have designed 14 separate sessions in Storyline 1.  Unfortunately, I'm the only one in my group still using that version.  As I work remotely from home in another state, I need someone at the office (two states away) to re-record some of the narration in several of the sessions.  When I copy the session to our shared network, the user with Storyline 2 is unable to view all the screens.  Only one screen displays and it's blank.  If I have them record what needs to be done in a new Storyline 2 session, will I be able to open it using Storyline 1 and pull the narration off and copy it to my Storyline 1 sessions? 

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Beverly Roach


All I sent the home office was a Storyline 1 file with a single text box on each screen.  The text was what was to be recorded.  She was going to read/record from each screen, save the Storyline 1 file on our shared drive.  I was going to pull the audio off that file and copy into my original presentation.  Maybe there was an easier way, but I didn't know it - didn't want to take a chance on my original file being messed up - this has been a two year project.

If you're still interested in looking at the "text" Storyline 1 file that I sent her, I'll be happy to share - just tell me how.  As you can tell, I'm operating with limited knowledge!!!!!


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Emily Ruby

Hello Beverly!

If you send them a Storyline 1 file, and they can open it using Storyline 1, (as they can have both versions running on their computer), and it is saved in Storyline 1, you should have no issues opening the file on your system.

However, if they do open the file in Storyline 2 and save it, you will not be able to open the file in Storyline 1 any longer.

If they are doing a screen record or audio record in Storyline 2, then you will not be able to open that file either. 

Since Storyline 2 is not backwards compatible, anything opened or modified in Storyline 2 cannot be saved back to Storyline 1.

You may just want to verify with them that they still have 1 on their computers, and to open all of your files in Storyline 1.