Storyline 1 vs Storyline 2 file output

I am having issues displaying Storyline 2 content on a website. I'm publishing to the Web and it outputs both .js and .gz files.

It appears that Storyline 1 does not publish  .js and .gz files. 

Can someone confirm this is the case? the Storyline 1 output does display but i would prefer to use Storyline 2.

Any confirmation appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Steve,

Looking at a few sample SL1 and SL2 published outputs I have - I see those file types in each. If you're having difficulty viewing the SL2 published output - could you tell us more about what's occurring? Does the link just not open, or the screen doesn't load, do you see the "spinning circle" like it is loading? Where are you hosting the content - have you tried in another web server? There are a few options here you could utilize.  

If you're still having difficulty could we take a look at the .story file?