Storyline 1.x to 2.0 price break (sorry for posting here)


My question is about the supposed discount price offered to SL1.x users to prompt us to get SL2.0. The link in the paragraph below is to the comparison chart, which says that there is discounted pricing when upgrading from SL1 to SL2 (at the bottom of the comparison chart, scroll all the way down).

Having checked the price of SL2.0 a few minutes ago (after logging in, so Articulate would -- or should -- know it's me, a paying customer), the "price break" is the same price as if I walked in off the virtual street corner and bought SL2 as a new customer. I missing something? (I admit that it's a distinct possibility as I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer.)

What is and where is the discounted price for us SL1.x users?  There doesn't seem to be one.

Details below for the overly precise

Currently I have SL1.6 (update 6 from July 2014) and am considering buying SL2.0. My organization bought both photographic bundles a while ago.  I see in the comparison chart [ ] that the character bundles work in both SL1.x and 2.0, which is good. With the purchase of SL1 and two photo-character bundles, we have spent a lot of money, so the powers-that-be are wondering "...where is the price break for being a loyal customer who has purchased extra content?".

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi T and welcome to Heroes,

If you have Storyline 1, you can upgrade for the price of $699 and if you were buying it brand new, there is a discounted price right now of $1,398. When you go to the Store, you'll see a drop down menu to choose from if it's new or an upgrade, and then when you submit the information that will be checked against your existing license to see that you already have Storyline 1

If you have questions about pricing or upgrading, it may be best to connect with our Sales support.  

T Ball

Thank you, Ashley, I appreciate it. My confusion may be due to the original purchase -- I work for a university-based organization, so the drop-down price I saw was the US$699 price point You mentioned.  My original comment came from speaking with our newest training specialist (he's been here one week) who used the same channels I did to arrange the purchase of SL -- he rec'd SL2, and the procurement folks told me the price for him to get SL2 was that same US$699.  So... I thought (incorrectly) that the walk-in-off-the-virtual-street price was 699 (the new employee's SL2 cost), rather than the US$1398 you mentioned.

My mistake, I apologize.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

No apologies necessary T! It can certainly be confusing - and throwing in a university or college set up probably also had an impact in terms of any educational discounts - so if you have questions about pricing the best option is to connect directly with our Sales team and they'll be able to look at your account and pricing. 

Hope you had a great weekend.