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Oct 16, 2014

We are considering upgrading to Storyline 2, but of course need to justify the cost. While I find that the new, improved, and enhanced features shown in the Articulate promotion video enticing, my tendency is to always go for the latest and greatest. So, I am wondering if anyone who has made the move can provide insights into what made it worth the expense and how it enhanced their content development and improved learner experience.Also, does anyone have any experience with situations where not everyone upgraded, some using Storyline 1, others storyline 2? Any insights the community could provide would be appreciated.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Edward!

 I am sure others will join in with their input about  the upgrade

You could download the free trial and test it out to see how things work, and have a chance to play with the new features.

One thing to keep in mind is that SL2 is not backwards compatible, so anything you create in the trial version will not be able to be opened in SL 1 at a later date. So it might be best to just play with new files, or make sure you save a back up of the original if you want to play with current files you have.

Also, here is the comparison list of SL1 and SL2.

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