Storyline 2.0 Notes colours

I see that you have changed the notes editor colours to match the menu but that has made editing my notes a nightmare!  My them has created a blue background with white text and now it is very difficult to see highlights and my cursor in the notes editor.  I found out how to change the notes colour back to white but now my menu is white - YUCK.   I can't figure out how to change the notes editor text to black.  I thought I'd go with this until I was ready to publish then convert my menu back to blue.  Ideally:   I'd like it back to what I had before the upgrade.  White back ground, black text and a menu that matches my theme.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  (If you thought it was going to be a good feature, why not build a separate control for the notes editor?)

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Ruchika Setia

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing this. This has been really helpful. I have made a custom color theme for what I wanted for my courses. But, I'm stuck with a weird background color that comes for Notes section of my course. I'm not sure what I have done wrong there.  I have attached my storyline file. Could you please help me understand how to remove this black background in my notes text. The same is not happening with my glossary, while it looks like its the same variable that effects both of them.