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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Eric.

Storyline 2 is a 32-bit application.  More specifically:

  • Storyline 2 is Large-Address Aware, which means that it can access up to 4 GB RAM rather than the default limit of 2 GB for a 32-bit process.
  • Storyline 2 does not explicitly take advantage of multiple processor cores at this time, although we continue to focus on performance improvements for future updates.

With the PC specifications you mentioned above, I'm curious to know what specific authoring processes seem to cause performance problems for you.  Are you seeing high processor utilization when publishing?  ...when editing video?  ...when authoring content?

We'd also invite you to share a copy of your .story project file with us so that we can attempt to reproduce any performance problems, and would also recommend downloading a trial copy of Storyline 2 to see how it performs for you in practice.

Bryan Tregunna

Justin, re your comment that Storyline 2 can access up to 4Gb RAM. I upgraded my laptop at the end of last year as I was encountering issues due to lack of RAM (I had less than 3Gb usable). I now have a 16Gb RAM laptop. I still use Storyline 1, and my file has loads of variables (and I mean loads  30 or 40 on each slide with 50 slides!) and I am again encountering issues with Storyline advising a lack of memory, unable to save or becoming unresponsive.

I note that RAM usage is well over 3Gb and wonder if this is the reason.

Ali Goulet

Hey Ade, 

Thanks for letting us know, I'm sorry that's happening!

I see you're currently working with my colleague Victor on this in a support case. It looks like he's sent some instructions to you this morning, so be sure to let him know how that goes. He's happy to work with you to get this resolved quickly!

I'll also be following along with your case.