Storyline 2 and AWS quirky?

Hi everyone,

It seems each day I come across a new quirk with Storyline and AWS. I uploaded a SL2 course three days ago to AWS. Tested it, and it worked great. Found an error (a typo really)and republished today. Now, it's acting quirky. Something as simple as a state trigger not firing now and adding an extra audio sound over another. I'm pulling out my hair!

Is anyone else experiencing these quirky things? Any tricks?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa,  

I use AWS regularly and haven't noticed anything like that - but you mentioned IE11 and my next thought was, do you know if you're viewing the Flash or HTML5 output? Storyline 2 has limited support for HTML5, so you'd want to view it in Chrome or Safari (on a Mac) to test that. Within IE11 you'll want to allow Flash to run to ensure the course is working as you'd expect! 

If you want to share the course link here I'm also happy to test it in those browsers for you! 

Lisa Anderson

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your response. Everyday is a new quirk with SL 2 or 3 and AWS. I published this file and checked the box to include .htm5l output. I launched it in both Chrome, and IE11 using the story.html file and the .html5 file and I'm having the same issue, regardless of file. I'm using Cloudberry Explorer as my FTP. Is it possible something for this file is is not uploading through the FTP? Every other course works fine (with the exception of that audio issue I wrote about the other day...again, thanks for your help on that one.).

Here's the course  link. I'd be appreciative! it's the story.html. This is an excerpt from a longer course).

This is how to test my issue:

1. Five questions to answer. 80% is passing 

2. Answer Question 2 incorrectly on purpose, and any other question. Miss two questions total.

3. You will hear a ding (as if it's correct) and a wave (incorrect) sound, after you second incorrect attempt on questions 2. It should only be the latter; the wave.

4. When you get your results, it will show you received 60% passing and will need to answer 1 more question correctly to pass. Reattempt a question and answer it correctly. 

5. The issue here is that when you see your new results for passing at 80% the original image and text that you have 1 question to answer also appears beneath the passing text and it should not. The variable prevents it from becoming "normal" state, when 80% is achieved. It works locally on my PC, but not in AWS.

6. Answers to the Questions here:

1 = B, 2 = A&C, 3 = B , 4 = A&C, 5 = A

My hair is turning grayer each time I test this!  Thank you Ashley! Any ideas would great!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Lisa for the link. I'm seeing the same thing while testing even in Chrome HTML5, so I don't think it's just the HTML5 output issue. 

I'll need to take a look "under the hood" at your triggers and publish it myself. Can you share that .story file here in ELH? If not, you can also send along to our Support Team here. 

Lisa Anderson

Hi Ashley,

I truly appreciate you checking out the issue.In some ways, I'm glad you had the same experience...sort of. I was able to solve the issue, by republishing and not checking include html5 output and uploading the file again. This solved the issue. Everything works fine.

I've attached the .story file in zip.

However, this will need to be updated for .hml5, very soon, when flash will no longer be supported and used. Now, the user has to click to allow flash, which may not always be the best thing to do for some users and is outdated.

I do think the issue is with how SL2 publishes for html5 output. As you know, even if the web url is for the story.html file, it automatically converts to html5 in Chrome. That's the issue.

Here's the link to the story.html version. You'll see it work perfectly. 

So...half way there? 

I'm sure you're gone for the holiday. Happy Holidays.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa,

I was gone for the holidays - I hope you also enjoyed some time off!

Thanks for sharing the file, and letting me take a look! I saw a couple different results slides, and that the one causing trouble has a lot of objects layered on top of one another using hidden/normal states. I think that's what is causing the trouble with SL2's HTML5 output. I took a look and wasn't able to determine the root cause, so I started a support case for you so that our team can take a look. You'll see that confirmation email shortly. 

In the meantime, I did want to share I also published it with Storyline 3 and uploaded here. That should allow you to see the Flash and HTML5 output (depending on browser and version). Let me know if that one behaves better! 

I'll continue to follow along in your case as well!