Storyline 2 and Google Chrome Java Plugin?


I recently published and rolled out a couple SCORM 1.2 eLearning courses that are being hosted on our company's LMS server. Users who try to launch the content in Google Chrome receive an error stating that "This site uses an unsupported JAVA(TM) plugin." The learn more page states that Chrome will soon be removing support for any NPAPI plugins (not sure what this  means). 

Have any of you experienced this before with interactive eLearning courses published in Storyline 2? Is there a work around? Any information you can provide would be much appreciated. 

Thanks much

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Mark Fernley


I realize this thread is a little old, however I'm having a similar problem that just started this week. I can't seem to open any modules that I created in Storyline in Chrome or Firefox now. They do work in IE. These modules are not in a LMS, they sit on a server and are accessed using an URL.

The help calls are starting ... so any help would be appreciated.