Storyline 2 and latest version of Firefox: compatibility issues?

Have there been any reports about difficulty with viewing courses in Firefox that are published through Articulate Storyline 2?

Here is our situation:

We created and published a course in Storyline 2. Our LMS is Litmos. When a user views the course in IE or Chrome they are able to complete it with no difficulties. However, when a user views the course in Firefox, a trigger doesn't work and the "next" button to move on in the course does not appear. I have been able to replicate this a number of times after it was reported by a few users so it is not an individual's error. I can only replicate it in Firefox; not in Chrome, IE, or by previewing the course.

I have been in touch with Litmos support on and off for several days and they are unable to find a Litmos-related issue and recommended that I reach out to Articulate to ensure that the latest version of Storyline 2 isn't having any trouble in Firefox. 

The file is attached. Please let me know if I can provide any other information. 

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Ali Goulet

Hi Jackie-

Thanks for reaching out here. Our output is not supported for HTML5 in Firefox, and Firefox can block Flash by default, but there is an easy way to change that behavior as described here. 

You'll also want to make sure to point users to story.html file. This will ensure users will be able to access the Flash or HTML5 output based on the device or browser they're using. Take a peek at this article for more info.

Simon Herriott

Help, I need somebody, not just anybody!

I'm now experiencing some strange behaviour on FF.  I've exported only in Flash and enabled it on the browser yet it continues to freeze and jump.  This is particularly noticeable on the timeline  and when items highlight.   It's not a complicated design by any means but I'm stumped as to why it's not working even after rebuilding it several times, replacing shapes with a single png etc.

Any ideas please as this needs to be delivered to the client this week.  

I've attached the .story file and a screen recording in case you don't get the same result.

Thank you.

Leslie McKerchie

Well, now I'll need to put some music in my ears to get that song out of my head Simon :)

Thanks for sharing the video of what you are seeing with your file as that was certainly helpful.

It also confirmed that I am not seeing the same issue when viewing your course in a Firefox browser.

I noticed you had the publish set for LMS. Are you uploading and viewing in that environment?

Do you have an issue with my published output here?

Simon Herriott

It appears now that FF53.x.x is the cause of the issue.  Mozilla is now blocking SWF files and will end all support very soon.  Unless I'm missing something this means Storyline 2 will not be playable at all on FF.

An article on ArsTechnica explains it below:

"Firefox will begin retiring Adobe Flash on August 2 with the release of Firefox 48. In 2017, probably with Firefox 53, Flash plug-ins will require the user to actively click-to-play.

In Firefox 48, Mozilla will enable a new Firefox plug-in blocklist by default. Initially the blocklist will be small, mostly containing URLs of Flash SWF files that have been identified by Mozilla as supercookies (i.e. cookies that are very hard to shake off) or fingerprinting files (i.e. they scan your system and create a unique fingerprint, again usually for tracking purposes)."

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Simon,

Thanks for sharing that here.  I know we have some documented elements here for Chrome as they did a similar block of Flash.

Storyline 2 HTML5 content wasn't supported in Firefox, although I know a number of users looked at testing it there and have shared that it still does work well for them. You may want to give it a test and see how it behaves with your content. 

Also, Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 have been designed with HTML5 content at the forefront, so there is broader support across browsers and the ability to publish with HTML5 only/first as an option. You may want to take a look at the information here for a comparison of Storyline 3 and 360 with older versions of Storyline.