Storyline 2 and motion paths

Hi.  We are now using Storyline 2.  We went back and ran our powerpoints through the storyline publisher.  We have created motion paths in powerpoint.  The motion paths come across into Storyline; however, they do not bring with them the timing of when they are supposed to occur.  Is there a way to ensure that the motion path timing comes across from Powerpoint?

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Donna Massey

OK. So we used line and line is supported. The question is the timing.

In our powerpoint (for example) there are two cells. They appear on the slide, then over the course of the audio – he is talking about bonding – and it is showing how they combine – so after 46 seconds or so - they move.

When imported to storyline, the animation occurs as soon as the picture appears – so it is not bringing over that 46 second delay on the motion path.

Diane Horne

Is there a way to set a trigger for an animation to occur? We have a group of buttons that have been reduced in size and what I'm trying to have happen is that once the motion path moves the group to the middle of the slide, the "grow" animation will make the group larger.

Thanks for posting this... it is a huge help!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Diane!

Perhaps this article will assist you in setting that up and utilizing an exit animation sounds like what you need at the end. Please keep in mind that if you schedule an exit animation to occur before a motion path animation on the same object has completed, the motion path will immediately jump to its ending point and perform the exit animation. In other words, exit animations take precedence over motion path animations. See this article for more information and a solution.