Storyline 2 and Relative and Absolute Paths on tablets

We have an internal company website that we link to in one of our eLearnings.

I found this discussion which had the same issue we are having. He found out Storyline will only work with absolute links for iPads/tablets and ignores relative links.  

If you are like me and had to learn what these are.  You can tell if a link is relative if the path isn't a full website address. (A full website address includes http://www.) As you may have guessed, an absolute path does provide the full website address. So a relative path would be index.html and an absolute path would be 

Is there really no work around for having, the above internal company website, work on a iPads/tablets?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Melissa - It looks like the discussion you linked to is no longer there or the link may be incorrect.

The link that you shared above as an example works for me when utilizing in a Storyline 2 file and viewing on an iPad. Check out my published link here.

Can you share a bit more about the issue you are seeing or how you are adding the link and publishing and sharing the content?

Melissa Morrison
Tracy Livingston

Isn't this really about the simple ability to use relative paths. That has to be something that can be done and I'm assuming I'm just missing the correct process.  I'm simply trying to link to a file one directory up from the current file, but adding the ../folderName/fileName the "../" is changed to a string and added to the URL path in my web browser. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tracy,

Relative URLs aren't supported for web objects. Be sure to use full (absolute) URLs when adding web objects to your content.

A possible workaround for using relative URLs can be found in the forums. This method may work for your scenario, but please note that we don't officially support it.