Storyline 2: Animation by Paragraph Not Working Correctly

Oct 14, 2014

The text for some buttons is sqewed whenever I set animation to Fly, and By Paragraph. It does not happen if there isn't animation, or if animation is treated "as one object." Is this a bug?

Storyline 2, latest install as of 20141014

32-bit machine and 32-bit office.

Files and Storyline running locally

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chadi,

Thanks for sharing the file here. When I took a look I could see what you were talking about, and it looked like the individual text boxes were being animated a second time and some of those were not lining up. What I ended up doing on the "Product lines" layer was to hide the "text box" for each item - and then everything previewed normally. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chadi,

Using the "eye" icon within the timeline allows for the text boxes to be hidden on the slide - I didn't want to mess with your file too much, but it looked like they were duplicating and therefore a text box laying over some other text - so you may be able to find those and remove them. (Image below is SL1 - but in SL2 they look similar, just more of a symbol instead of an actual eye.)

chadi El-Khoury

Okay now I understand. I only inserted a shape, not a shape and a text box grouped together, which is why I was initially confused.

Here's how to re-create the issue:

1. add shape

2. Type in text into shape

3. With shape highlighed, select Animation in the ribbon and choose an Enterance Animaiton

     NOTE: Up to this point the timeline only lists one object, with no sub-listing

4. Under Effect Options, choose Sequence: By Paragraph

     - As soon as this is selected, Storyline 2 creates a sub-item on the timeline. As a result, the ONE object is now treated as TWO.

To resolve issue: Navigate to Timeline, select shape, hit dropdown arrow to the left of "eye" symbol, and hide the second layer item

Thank you for the workaround Ashley.

For what purpose is SL2 creating a sub layer for the object on the Timeline?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chadi,

Thanks for sharing that here. The "sub" item is created when you apply the animation by first level paragraph or paragraph - you'd see something similar if you were to just place a bulleted list of text by itself and animate it - they'd all become their own items in the timeline so that you could move and determine when they actually appear. 

Glad we were able to get this one working for you! 

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