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I hope everyone is well.  In an effort to improve the audio quality of my courses, I recently purchased a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 For those not familiar, it acts as an external audio interface to your computer.  The end result is much nicer recordings.

The unit connects to your PC via USB 2.0.  I have it set as the default recording device for my PC, and am able to use it with other audio applications such as Audacity, Camtasia, ProTools, etc.

However, Storyline 2 does not seem to recognize the audio, and consequently, I'm unable to record any audio directly into my slides.

Has anyone else encountered this with audio interfaces?  I have a ticket open with Articulate Support, but I wanted to share this here as well, just in case we can help others.  I'll share Articulate's solution as soon as I hear back.


Have a great day,


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Brian -- Thanks for reaching out here! I see that your case #00861482 has been received in our system and you should be hearing from a Support Engineer shortly! I'll be sure to follow along with their progress and in the meantime, I thought I might pass along the following audio-interface related resources for others who may be interested:

Hope that helps! 

Brian Gavin

Hi Janet,

I had to work in order to get Articulate to engage about this beyond the standard "submit a feature request" guidance.

Eventually, they reached out to Focusrite and sent them a copy of Storyline 2 to test with (thank you, Articulate!)

The upshot is to make sure your main mic is going into Input 1 (on the front) of the Focusrite Scarlett, as that is the only input that Storyline can pick up.  I had a slightly different setup where my main mics needed to use inputs 3 & 4, but that won't work using this interface.

Focusrite also sent over a link for optimizing audio on Win 10, which might be helpful:

Ultimately, all is well, and this saves us from having to create audio outside of Storyline & import in.

Have a great week!