Storyline 2 - audio will not record properly

Aug 16, 2017

The audio files are not recording properly - it sounds ok in the design mode but when I go to preview it is all broken and choppy - any suggestions?

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Ali Goulet

Hey Eden!

So sorry that's happening-- let's get to the bottom of it.

I have a few questions to start with here:

  1. Are you running the latest update for Storyline 2, update 12? You can download it right over here if not. 
  2. Is this happening in one file in particular, or is it happening in any file you're recording narration for in Storyline?
  3. You mentioned this happens in preview- does the audio still sound distorted once the course is published? 

Keep me posted! ☺️

Eden Black

Hi Ali, I have uninstalled and reinstalled Storyline 2 twice - from your website.

It is happening with new or edited audio in both existing and new work recorded from the software - I've created a couple of dummy projects with blank slides and recorded just audio and the audio crackles and breaks up when I review it in the audio manager. Sometimes it works in preview and sometimes when published - see below and sometimes not.

I have to republish several times and hope that in one of the iterations the audio works all the way through.

I also tried recording my screen and that works fine.

I have switched head sets and have also had our IT department take a look at my laptop - that all seems to be fine.

The best success I had was to record the audio on my iPhone and email it to myself and then upload it into the project and then "pray" for a good result when published.

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated!!


Ali Goulet

Hey Eden!

Thanks for all those details, really helpful here. 

Since it sounds like you've already put a lot of time into troubleshooting this- I'm going to have one of our Support Engineers reach out to you directly to investigate this further with you one-on-one.

Keep an eye out in your inbox for ! 😊

Eden Black

Hi Ali, I am not 100% positive but I believe I have fixed my issue - which had nothing to do with Storyline - it was just the victim :o)

I changed the power cord and the power control options on my laptop to High Performance and this seems to have corrected the problem.  I don't want to say 100% yet (and jinx myself) but will confirm by EOD Monday if it doesn't return. 

Stay tuned...

Cheers ~ E

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