Storyline 2 behaves strangely

Jan 17, 2017

Some odd things happened when I work with Storyline 2 with file size 80 Mb.

It shuffles the order of sides occasionally and show me the irrelevant warning message when I assign the completed state condition (it shows me there is no selected state available in red etc.) Also sometimes the bounding box around the element disappeared.

It seems that the program is not functional properly.

I did the following try to resolve the problem but don't have any luck:
update with the patch version 11
working only locally on the c: drive
my computer ram is 8 Gb

Anyone has idea about this?

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Joe Zhou

Hi Wendy

Thanks for your help. Just want to clarify that Selected is a default state for the button. (See the following screen grab.)

The case is that I created a state called Completed and assign the trigger show layer when the state is Completed, I am still able to do what I want -  select the Completed state, however the warning info (the Selected state is not available) shouldn't appear in this circumstances.

Over all a number of random issues happened like in some case the drag and drop is not working (using drop on trigger) properly I have to rebuild it in the same way and start working...

Selected state

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