Storyline 2 bookmarking issues with Moodle and IE9



I am having a bookmarking with Storyline 2. The set up currently is; a course developed using Storyline 2 Update 5, this course is being hosted on a Moodle LMS (this is what the client uses so this is what we are testing with), with Internet Explorer (this is the version of IE that the client uses).


The issue. This course opens and plays fine. The problem starts when you close the course. Upon reopening the course, the "Would you like to continue where you left off?" prompt appears. If you click Yes, nothing will happen. If you click no, it takes you back to the beginning of the course as expected.


Does anyone have any insight as to what would cause this to happen?

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Tony Burkhardt

Hello Jan and Ashley!

Jan: I have tried it both ways with your suggestion, when the option is checked I receive the prompt to resume but do it does nothing when you click Yes to resume. With the option not checked, the resume feature doesn't appear at all, even though the course is set to prompt the popup on resume.


Ashley: Using SCORM cloud is not an option for this course currently, it is too large to be uploaded. When I am able to return to the office on Tuesday I will attempt removing content to get the file size down and then re-test on SCORM cloud.


Thank you both for your suggestions!