Storyline 2: Branching Content & Course Completion Status on Saba (5.5) LMS?

May 05, 2016


I am currently encountering an issue with Articulate Storyline 2 and Saba 5.5 LMS.

My latest course offering has no Quiz, but DOES have BRANCHING content, meaning that NOT ALL Slides will be viewed, due to its design. 

The problem with this project is, when published, the course executes as expected, and does complete/EXIT, but even when reducing the number of slides needed to mark as "complete", the course does not show up as "COMPLETE" in Saba.

In previously developed courses that DO have a quiz, the QUIZ takes over the course completion process, and once the quiz is marked as PASSED, this appears to supersede the non-Completion option.

Some things are apparent with this process:

1. Simple, straight-forward, linear courses without branching work as expected and are marked properly, as COMPLETE.

2. Linear courses with Question Banks, Draws, and configured Result Slides mark properly, as COMPLETE, when PASSED, and INCOMPLETE, when FAILED.

3. Non-linear courses (such as this branching example, described at the top of this article), do not appear to function as conventional linear courses, despite not having a Quiz.

In the case of course types 1 and 2 (described above), the setting used for Publishing is "Passed/Incomplete".

Changing the publishing settings to handle this third type does not arrive at a suitable COMPLETE result, regardless of whether or not the course is hosted on Saba or on SCORM Cloud.  The results are the same.

My $64K question: I would assume that if I built the "trappings" of a Quiz, and then supplied a single question as part of a Draw: "Do you wish to exit? YES/NO", with an expected PASS rate of 100% for a single slide, that this MIGHT be ENOUGH to send a PASSED/COMPLETE equivalent message to the Saba LMS?

Any and all thoughts and suggestions welcome, as a potential prelude to my contacting Articulate Support, because this issue has me stumped.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mark!

So, are you tracking by the number of slides viewed? You will need to adjust the number of slides viewed since you mention they will not all be viewed so that the completion status will be sent to your LMS.

If you'd like to report completion to your LMS on a specific slide in your Articulate Storyline course, see this article for one way to do it.

So, do I get $64k?! ;)

Mark Shepherd

Hi Leslie!

Thanks very much for your article and suggestion(s) - your links did, indeed provide for and solve my completion status problem, and so I am very grateful and appreciative of your help as a result.

As to the $64K, that is in CANADIAN dollars, which, by recent calculations/estimates, does not translate to very much when converted to US currency.

As such, a cheque for $3.22 USD will be winding its way to you shortly. ;)

Have a great weekend,


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