Storyline 2 breaking quizzes and markers originally built in Storyline 1

Hey all!

As the title says, I've been updating old courses built in Storyline 1, to the new Storyline 2. For some reason, it is breaking the code in my quizzes to the point where it will not even publish my files unless I delete the results slide altogether! 
I also have markers on a navigational page which each have audio files attached to them. Once I bring open and save the files as Storyline 2 files, the audio attached to them no longer plays, even when I reinsert the audio files to the markers. Any suggestions?

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Bradley Kercheval

There is only one audio file on the main page of the first slide, but I manually attached the respective audio files to the markers (by clicking on the markers, going to format, and on the far left of the top bar, adding audio from a file.) This is the method that was working for me on these courses until the most recent Storyline 2 update. 

Another thing that is weird about this is:

With a marker selected, I can go to format, look over at the audio section and check "Audio only". This shuts off the text that is associated with the marker, but then the audio will play!

Emily Ruby

Hello Bradley,

Thank you for clarifying. The audio not working on markers is a known issue in SL2. you would need to use Audio only, or add a trigger to have these play.

What I wanted to check with your file is if doing the upgrade to SL2 removed the audio files from the slide itself, or if they were just not playing in SL 2. If this is what happened, could you share the SL1 file so we can test it? Also wanted to see if we could reproduce the issue with the results slide.

I did make a test file with a quiz and results slide and was able to upgrade it with no issues.

Bradley Kercheval

If I use triggers to play the audio, then I'll also need to add triggers to stop ALL other audio from playing so that nothing overlaps. Hopefully this known issue will be solved soon, to save so much extra work!
This was not an issue when I first switched from SL1 to SL2. I've only noticed the problem since the most recent update.

Same thing with the quiz. I've used the same results slide and triggers for all the courses, and everything has worked until now. Now, even when I open courses that WERE working in SL2, they are broken too.

I'm attaching the same portion of the course, when it was still a SL1 file. 

Emily Ruby

Hello Bradley!

Thank you for sharing the course. I upgraded this file into SL2 and I do not see any issue with the quiz and results slide. Could you take a look at this and let me know if you still see the issue?

As far as the audio not working on markers, it is with the QA team, so hopefully it will resolved shortly. I will post here with any updates.

Bradley Kercheval

For some reason, I think the results slide is only breaking when I have knowledge checks in the course. Here's an example. It's now breaking ALL courses that contain knowledge checks, even when they are not connected to the results slide. My courses were functioning perfectly before the last update.