Storyline 2 bugs in latest update?



I have run into a few issues since I updated the software:

  1. Clicking the volume button on the player permanently mutes the training and I have to restart the project to get the volume back to default. 
  2. Buttons that I have added to particular slides do not populate at the designated time on a slide. I triple checked the triggers (There are only 2 on this slide.) and I even moved the button to the top of the timeline. Its initial state is normal. So when we get to this slide, there is no way to advance.

I have tried publishing to, "CD" as well as LMS, and even uploaded to tempshare with the same results. 


Any ideas?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Jeff, thanks so much for letting us know what's going on in your file! It sounds like you've already done some troubleshooting, so I'm glad you reached out. Let's tackle these issues one at a time.

  1. We do have an issue on our radar for Storyline 2 where the player volume control doesn't work as expected in HTML5. We've noticed this happens when the player size is set to "Scale Player to fill browser window". Does that seem to match your player settings?
  2. I'm having trouble recreating the issue with the buttons on the timeline, so I still need some help with that one. Can you share your project file with me?  I'd like to see exactly how the slide is set up. If you'd like to keep it private, use this form instead.


Jeff Robedee

1. Yes. I do have it set to scale to fill browser.

2. This has actually happened to me many times. It usually (not always) happens when I copy a button from one slide to another-- though it does not happen on each slide after being copied, it has been random. To work around that issue, I have to completely recreate the button.

The slide has 1 mp3 track that lasts 36 seconds, a background picture (jpg) that is present for the duration of the slide, a text box with 5 words that is present for the duration of the slide, and the button (standard rectangular button with no icon) that is present from 34 seconds to end of slide. End of slide for all objects is 36 seconds. 

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for those details, Jeff!

  1. Yup, it sounds like you're experiencing that bug I mentioned earlier. We're tackling it now, and in the meantime, try setting the player size to "Lock Player at optimal size". The volume slider should work correctly with that setting.
  2. Hm, that's odd. It sounds like there could be something corrupt with the button you're copying and pasting. If this happens again in a brand new file, be sure to let us know. We'll want to take a closer look.