Storyline 2 Captions

Jul 21, 2016


I am brand new at Storyline 2 and would love some help! Is there anyway to keep the captions on through all the slides when I hit the button to show it on the first slide? When I hit the captions on first slide it won't stay up on the rest. I am making a video that needs different captions on all the pages because I will be showing this to people who are deaf and I will need to change the captions into other languages in the future. Is there anyway this is possible? Please help me figure this out :)


Thank You


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Walt Hamilton

Here is a sample that will illustrate the principles you need.

Like David says, you might want to put the captions on the master.

Notice that at the beginning of each slide it checks to see if the caption should be turned on.

If you use layers that hide other layers, then each layer also needs to show the caption when it starts.

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