Storyline 2 Chinese Quiz Results Slide

Jul 16, 2015


I've read all the post regarding language capabilities and functions in Storyline 2.  I can't seem to find a resolution to our problem.  I have produced one .story file with 24 languages, each language is the same course in a different scene.  Things are happening like us deleting the quiz questions out of the menu several times and it coming back.

The biggest issue I'm having right now is the Chinese language quiz Results slide.  It is not showing the results slide in the published version.  This file is almost impossible to deal with it's so large, so we've had to rebuild it from scratch four times.  The Chinese results slide is our last hold up .  It is programmed exactly the same as the other 23 languages, but it's simply not working. 

We have the latest update of Storyline 2.  I saw it was supposed to have fixed a Chinese language bug —"Fixed issue where variable references on result slides wouldn't be replaced with scores in published output when using the Chinese interface".  It was originally doing that, but now it's not showing up at all.  Do you know of any other issues like this with Chinese?  Sorry for the long winded request, but we are at our limit with this file and really need to get it send off to the client.  Thanks so much!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Veronica,

Thanks for reaching out here, and I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you've had with this file and that slide in particular. I'm not aware of another Chinese language issue that would have impacted your set up. You mentioned rebuilding that slide, did you do so:

All of those would be good troubleshooting steps to help determine if it's something with the file. I know you mention it being fairly large too, but you're welcome to share it here and we can take a look at it to see if there is anything else we can spot. If it's too large to upload here or you'd prefer to share it privately you can also send it along here.