StoryLine 2 - conditional next button

I have a slide that has 5 objects which have a normal state, hover state and visited state.  I have my "next button" set as conditional so that when all 5 areas are visited the next button becomes visible and actionable.  When I test the slide, the conditional button appears to be functional as it is greyed out until after clicking all 5 areas.  But, when I preview the story, the next button fails to become actionable. I am not sure what I am missing as I followed the steps outlined in the tutorial. I appreciate any guidance on this. Thank you.


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Walt Hamilton

You can probably get away with this if all the areas to be visited are on the same slide. If you go to other slides, the states are too volatile, and you need to use variables  to indicate that the areas are visited.

Check out the sample at this link:

If you want to control the order in which the areas are visited, use the restricted navigation. If the areas can be visited in any order, use the mixed navigation.