Storyline 2 Content on Windows 8.1 Nokia Smartphones

We have some mini Storyline 2 modules that play well on iOS and Android smartphones, within our own native and web apps (i.e. we are not using the Articulate apps), and they also run without any problems on Nokia 9-series Windows devices.  We've not yet tested them on any other make of Windows phone.

When we try to run them on 6- and 8-series Nokia phones, they launch, but don't render correctly (see image 1 below) and don't run.  The phone also prompts you to search for an undisclosed app (see image 2 below), using a paid-for app that I don't think would help us much. In fact, regardless of whether you say "Yes" or "No" to the app request, the module still doesn't run.

Articulate 2 Module on Nokia 635

Storyline content on Nokia 635 - Prompt to Find App

Has anyone else managed to get Storyline 2 content to work on all brands/versions of Windows smartphones?  If so, how?

What might be in the Storyline file that triggers the prompt to use another app in the 6- and 8-series Nokia devices, but doesn't in a 9-series?


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Tim Drewitt

Thanks, Christie, for your quick reply.  Yes, I can appreciate it is difficult to offer support for content that it deployed within a native app - and I also realise that we might be pushing the boundaries of Articulate's mobile capabilities, but if you - or anyone - can let me know if the HTML5 mobile version should play OK on a Windows Mobile device when launched directly from a website (URL) - that is outside of any app - that would be valuable in helping us to troubleshoot.