Storyline 2 continuously hanging

Dear all

Since we've upgrade from SL1 to SL2 (latest update) we experience some serious issues with the product's stability.
Ever other time, we need to use Taskmagr to kill the Storyline2 process when trying to publish our course (yes we have used the latest upgrade, we are publishing on the C-drive, deleted log files, tempfiles, have admin rights, enough memory,...). Now a new issue arose, when editing, SL2 just stops working and it hangs (doing cut & paste)

Has anybody experienced such a behaviour ?

Thanks for the feedback

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Geert, 

We're aware of an issue with Storyline 2 freezing as detailed here that our QA team is investigating and if you can consistently reproduce it can you connect with our Support team to share the steps you go through? 

Are you cutting in pasting slides or objects, from within Storyline or another source? A bit more information about the steps you're going through would help us determine if we're able to replicate this.