Storyline 2 Course Playback Issues

Jan 23, 2018


I have experienced frequent playback issues for published courses using Storyline 2 for LMS. 

When an .MP4 is involved, the video simply locks on the screen and seemingly gets stuck in the "load" bar for what could be hours.  A simple 10 min. course will take my users more than 3 hours to finish based on load time.

My LMS is Accord LMS and they are equipped to handle .MP4's with all necessary settings.

Published courses hold no more than 10 min. MAX video length total, with each slide holding no more than 4 min. play time total.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?  Is there a different publish setting I can employ to combat the lengthy load time?

Thank you for the help!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marie,

Thanks for sharing your file here! I took a look and uploaded it to SCORM Cloud for testing. I tested the Flash output in Chrome and IE11 - and I didn't have any issue jumping between slides or having the videos play back. There was one delay of about 10-15 seconds when navigating very quickly to the D seal slide, but the video did load and play after that. I also did a quick speed test, and I'm pulling around 48 mbps as my internet speed.

I left all your settings the same, and noticed you also didn't include the HTML5 checkbox, which may be why some of your users are having difficulty if they have Flash disabled? 

Let me know if you're able to test that link and how it compares to your own testing.

Marie McIntyre

Thank you for your assistance! 

I did actually include the HTML5 checkbox in publishing (the uploaded zipfile has those setting selected); however, it appears that is not the automatic publish setting (something I should adjust).

Does this ultimately impact the Flash file?

Would you suggest unchecking this box in the new attachment?  Have been struggling to resolve this as it appears to impact users both national and international...unsure of next steps!  I find it tough to replicate as well.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marie,

That checkbox on ignoring the prompt to resume based on Flash cookies should have anything to do with your overall course playback.

Did my version of your course work as well? How did that compare to what you're seeing in Absorb? 

If you're also including HTML5 output, you should have even less issues of how the course plays back. The one caveat to that is as I mentioned some browsers have started to block Flash by default such as Google Chrome. If that's happening it could impact the playback for your users, and I'd suggest taking a look at this article.  

I'd ask your users what browsers they're using and if they have Flash enabled. Also, if you could find out a bit more about their speed/connection that may help narrow down the cause. 

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